Features & Mat Releases

1. Basic Release

A short (typically 300-500 words), unformatted, consumer-friendly article editors can use to fill space in their newspapers, magazines and websites. Basic releases include light brand messaging rounded out with consumer tips and takeaways, 1-2 images and a brand URL.

Benefits of a Basic Release:

• High-Quality Digital and Print Placements
• Millions of Guaranteed Impressions
• Budget-Friendly
• Easy Execution
• Comprehensive Reporting, Tracking and ROI Measurements

2. Full-Page Feature

A high-impact marketing strategy that combines digital, print, social and video to deliver your brand’s message. Full-Page Features bring together formatted content (750-1,000 words), photography and a variety of visual elements like sidebars and infographics to deliver your message and maximize the number of digital and print placements.

Benefits of a Full-Page Feature:

  • Combines Digital and Print to Deliver More Placements and Impressions
  • Highest Guaranteed Deliverables
  • More Space and Visuals to Tell Your Story
  • Integrated Social Media and Content Amplification Campaigns
  • Comprehensive Reporting, Tracking and ROI Measurements

3. Premium Release

A formatted half-page layout includes 500-600 words and 1-2 images along with Social Media Amplification to deliver increased digital and print impressions and high-impact print placements.

Benefits of a Premium Release:

  • More Placements and Impressions Than a Basic Release
  • Provided Formatted and Unformatted to Increase Placements
  • Integrated Social Media Amplification Campaign

4. Listicle

A digital-only product featuring up to eight images alongside a list of corresponding recipes or tips.

Benefits of a Listicle:

  • Include Up to Eight Images
  • Digital Distribution to Our Editor Network and Online Partners
  • Social Media Amplification and Content Amplification Available for Additional Impressions


Promote a commodity board’s nutritious family recipes while increasing digital impressions and clicks to the client’s website.


Implement a multi-platform approach including print, digital, video, social and cost-per-click campaigns. Design a full-page formatted Feature displaying three simple, family-friendly recipes. Produce a hands-and-pans recipe video to increase digital exposure. Amplify the content via social media and increase traffic to the client’s website through an extended cost-per-click campaign driving consumers directly to the recipe pages.


  • Earned Media1,012 placements & 33,996,997 impressions
  • Paid Media3,234 placements & 503,942,363 impressions
  • Recipe Video147,153 views & 421,225 impressions
  • Social Media14,859 views & 223,847 impressions
  • Content Amplification23,425 views & 3,820,381 impressions
  • Total Program Ad Equivalency$2,503,019
  • Total ROI116:1

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