Grill Your Way Into Fall

The weather is getting cooler, but that doesn't mean grilling season has to burn out. In fact, according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, 60 percent of grillers are now cooking outdoors year-round, so fall grilling season is just heating up.

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Mix n' Match Naked Birthday Cake

Create an extra-special cake with these flavor and color combinations. Mix extract and food color combinations with 1 cup of homemade buttercream frosting or canned white frosting.

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A Simple Twist on After School Snacks

We all know it's important to start the day off with a healthy breakfast. As a parent, you also have lunch covered for your hungry student, whether it's packed in a brown bag or eaten in the cafeteria.

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Snack Your Way to Game Day

As football season kicks off, game day is a perfect time to show off your best spread while cheering your team to victory. From tailgating outside of the stadium to gearing up in front of the big screen at home, all fans alike can indulge in great game day snacks.

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Tailgate Tips That Add Flavor, Nutrition

Soon, parking lots of colleges, high schools and professional stadiums across the nation will be filled with fans gearing up for another sporting season - and the tailgating celebrations that go hand-in-hand.

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From Vine to Bottle

Wine is the perfect complement to any occasion, whether celebrating with friends or enjoying your favorite meal.

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Date Night 101

Date night doesn't have to require reservations at an overpriced restaurant or an over-the-top production. You can easily turn your own home into the perfect romantic setting for a special night you both deserve.

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Simple Tips to Replenish Your Body

The environment's natural elements can take a toll on the body. However, taking time to refill what has been depleted from your body, such as moisturizing skin and hair, can make you feel healthier and more beautiful.

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How to Be Prepared for an Emergency

To be prepared in any situation, planning ahead is critical. Engine-driven portable generators are intended for multiple uses and designed for portability.

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Keep Family Safe from Home's Hidden Hazards

In the U.S. alone, approximately 60 million people suffer from asthma and allergies, which according to the American Lung Association can be triggered by mold for those who are allergic.

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